Affected by the ELVIA or Scalable Capital news? Here’s how we can help

** Update: We are happy to extend this special offer to people affected by Scalable Capital’s withdrawal from the Swiss market **

Allianz has announced its ELVIA e-invest business will discontinue at the end of November 2019. In a statement, a spokesperson explained the company will focus on personal pension products instead of personal finance.

For Elvia customers caught up in this situation, Yova is here to help. Like Elvia, we work with Saxo Bank Switzerland – making your transfer smooth and stress-free. 

When you transfer your investment from Elvia, you will also enjoy zero fees for 12 months. We’re looking forward to getting your investment back up and running! 

3 easy steps to your new investment

  1. Using Yova’s easy online tool, get your personal investment strategy and complete the account opening form.
  2. Inform our Customer Success Team that you would like to transfer your investment from Elvia.
  3. We will send you a transfer form to complete the process. Like Elvia, we work with Saxo Bank Switzerland – making your transfer smooth and stress-free. 

Get your free strategy

How do I switch my investment from Elvia to Yova?

The first step is to get your personalised Yova investing strategy. This is free, non-binding, and only takes a few clicks. 

Using our easy online tool, you pick investment topics based on your personal values and interests, and input your financial information and risk preferences. In real-time, you’ll see exactly what stocks we recommend you invest in. 

When you’re ready, contact our friendly team and we will send you a simple form to complete the transfer.


What happens after that? 

You can relax! Your investments will continue to be managed automatically. We take care of all the heavy lifting and day-to-day management of your account. This includes:

  • Continuous risk management
  • Rebalancing your portfolio
  • Preparing your tax statements 
  • Preparing your financial reports 
  • Corporate Action Management
  • Unlimited investments and withdrawals
  • And more…

Don’t forget – as an Elvia customer, you will pay zero fees for 12 months when you transfer your investment to Yova.


How is Yova different to Elvia and other robo-advisors?

Personalisation: Unlike other robo-advisors, every single stock is personalised to you. Let’s say you don’t like Tesla – with one click, it’s out of your investment strategy. Whenever you make adjustments, our algorithm ensures your portfolio remains financially sound. This way, you can control where your money goes – without compromising your returns.

No hidden fees: Often the fee advertised by an investment provider is not the full amount that you will pay. With Yova, there’s no additional fees or charges, ever. Check out our pricing here.

Sustainable, socially responsible investing – without compromising returns: Invest in companies that make a difference in topics you care about. Renewable energies, gender equality, transport of the future? You decide. Read more about our approach in our whitepaper.


Questions? The Yova team is here to help! Contact us via, by phoning 044 271 5000, or on Whatsapp




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